Lydia Campbell Fusion Pilates Series 1

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Fusion Pilates with Resistance 1

Lydia combines the resistance band with Pilates matwork. Experience a flowing resistance workout that enhances core strength and joint mobility. Including a warm-up that focuses on the upper body and core connection. Full of ideas to enhance your matwork class and personal training. Please note for this workout you will need a 2 metre resistance band.

Lydia Campbell assisted by Jason Goodchild

Video £17.50

DVD £22.50

Fusion Pilates on the Ball 1

Lydia applies Pilates  exercises on the core ball for a challenging workout. Discover how to train the pelvic floor on the ball and how to use strength and mobility exercises combining the core ball with the resistance band.

Lydia Campbell with the assistance of runner and swimmer Jenny Hewitt.

Video £17.50

DVD £22.50

Holistic Fusion 1

This is a unique mind body workout, a sequel to Lydia's Energy Stretch and Chi video.

Holistic Fusion Unites Pilates with yoga and chi exercises for a complete mind and body workout, that will challenge your strength and flexibility then completely relax you.

Lydia Campbell and Jason Goodchild

Video £17.50

Fusion Pilates in the Roll

The roll is one of the newest pieces of stability equipment around, yet it has been used for a long time in physiotherapy and in one to one Pilates training. Lydia has used the roll for intrinsic body work for several years in her matwork classes and for personal training.

This simple piece of equipment has played an important part in her own personal rehab training to help realign and release her core after 4 knee operations.

Her programme challenges the body on all levels for core stability, flexibility and strength training. Ends with passive muscle releasing exercises.

Lydia Campbell with Hester Campbell, Jason Goodchild and Jenny Hewitt.

Video £17.50

DVD £22.50

Fusion Pilates Sequencing 1

Lydia takes basic Matwork exercises and puts you through a challenging flowing workout. Full of ideas for the intermediate to advanced Pilates instructor and student.

Lydia Campbell, Jason Goodchild and Jenny Hewitt.

Video £17.50

DVD £22.50

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