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Hi Guys, Fitcamps 2016 was fantastic with so much happening we will know soon what Children In Need 24 hour streaming raised with the fab GymCube crew.

You may be tired but we hope filled with great memories , catch up with us on Facebook . Running this event now 26 years I always wonder can there possibly be something new and yes we made it happen and refreshing , lots and lots at FitCamps. I like to thank all the companies involved and I hope some of you were inspired to train with them and change your life.

The awards and people's choice were a fantastic surprise for many Presenters who have now their own training companies and have grown and grown starting out at FitCamps in 1992 and still part of the FitCamp family.

If you cannot wait to book take the opportunity now and book the earlybird convention pass now! saving you £'ss on FitCamps 2017 Novemeber 10th - 12th at Ribby Hall.

Book Direct your accomodation with Ribby hall on 01772674410 on a loyalty offer with in 30 days.


Full rate from August 30th early bird up to Jan31st 2017 next rate from Feb 1st

Full event fee £139.00 £89.00 £95.00
Friday £55.00 £45.00 £55.00
Saturday £70.00 £55.00 £70.00
Sunday £40.00 £35.00 £40.00
Black Friday 3 for 2 on full event fee £278.00 £278.00 £278.00

Black Friday 3 for 2 works out to be £92 each. Book online and add all names of your group of 3 and make one payment.

FitCamps 2016 - Book now

Early bookings have been extended to November 1st at £99 for the full weekend convention pass!

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FitCamp 2004 Picture Gallery

30/11/04 - Were you at this year's FitCamp at Ribby Hall last month? Check out the pictures in the event picture gallery

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Born to Run

19/11/04 - Yesterday's Times reported that new research demonstrates that our talent for long distance running was one of the most important forces in human evolution. As endurance athletes we had the ability to track down game over long distances and obtain the animal fat and protein we needed to evolve our large brains. This research seems to fit well with the theory that man stopped running around and settled down to grow a wheat-like crop - not for bread as originally thought, but to brew beer. After a long run there's nothing like a few beers. It's coded into our genes!

Pilates Videos

16/11/04 - Lydia Campbell has launched 5 videos in the Fusion Pilates series. They cover Pilates on the ball, with resistance, on the roll, plus mind body Pilates and Pilates sequencing. They will be available on the web site soon but in the meantime if you would like further details please email

FitCamp 2004 Presenter Awards

15/11/04 - 600 participants at FitCamp 2004 enjoyed an amazing weekend of fitness in cold but sunny Blackpool. FitCamp Presenter of Excellence Award for 2004 winners were Troy Dureh, Steve Boedt and Ceri Hannan. FitCamp participants voted Rachel Ravenscroft and Jorge Mix (for the second year in succession!) as FitCamp 2004 Event Presenters.


Become an X Bike Instructor at a special event price as we will be hosting an X Bike training workshop. X Bike® of Trixter takes you beyond the norm with their indoor cycling programme. The unique X Bike® design completely changes indoor cycling training. For the first time ever you can offer an entire body workout that enhances properceptive response to core strength training.For course details and to book contact X Bike® at Trixter direct on 01249700603 and ask for Lyndon or by email.

Coming to a T Shirt near you - soon

FitCamps have a new look and logo which will appear on the new clothing range at FitCamp 2004.

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