Cancellation Policy

We endeavour to keep the cost of attending FitCamp events as low as possible and restrict any annual increases to an absolute minimum and often zero.

As soon as we start to organise an event, we incur costs.

Your entry fee is not only invested in what happens at the actual event but in all the organisation and paraphernalia that goes into preparing it.

If you bought a ticket for the cinema, theatre, concert, football match, Easyjet, etc etc and didn't turn up you wouldn't expect to get your money back.

It is not FitCamps' responsibility if you get pregnant, change work schedules, decide to go on holiday, oryour baby sister gets ill. (These are all real reasons we have received in the past!) These incidences are beyond our control and you cannot reasonably expect a refund.

If we cancelled an event then of course it would be reasonable for you to get a refund!

We do however run a number of events each year and subject to notice periods we can provide you with a proportion of your fee as a refund in the form of a credit against a future event.

Refund process

Notify us in writing by post to: FitCamp UK Ltd, PO Box 473, Richmond, Surrey TW9 4EW

The date of withdrawal is as postmarked on the envelope.

Enclose a stamped addressed envelope so that we can send you your event credit.

Credits are not issued until AFTER the event and are as follows:

Notification postmarked 2 months or more before the event - 50% credit
Notification postmarked 1 month to 2 months before event - 25% credit
Notification postmarked less than 1 month before the event ZERO credit

Telephone messages are not acceptable.

Emails (to must be followed up by a letter with an SAE. (The date of the email is accepted).


Event entries are NOT transferable.

Ribby Hall. Residential bookings for events at Ribby Hall do include insurance in the price. This covers the cost of the accommodation element of the event fee only. Please see the policy for details of cover.

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