About FitCamps

Europe's leading fitness events since 1991.

The company was established by leading fitness instructor and consultant, Lydia Campbell and Steve Evans in 1990, to launch fit'n?fun® weekends promoted through the Sunday Mirror.

The success of this first event was unrivalled when 3,500 places were sold within 3 hours.

New events have been added over the years, ranging from overseas trips to Club La Santa, the world?s leading sports resort, weekend events at Hilton Hotels to the annual FitCamp industry convention, now established as the UK's premier event for fitness professionals, take a look at our events area.

FitCamp Training offers a specialist range of training modules for instructors to gain additional certification. AquaMotion, Step, Weights and Pilates Training modules are run each year with new courses established in response to new trends and developments in the industry.

If you'd like to contact us, please visit our get in touch area.

fit'n'fun®, FitCamps™ and AquaMotion® are registered trademarks.

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